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Liverpool Care Pathway - A Further Step Into The Abyss

The councilor made his comment to 'provoke a reaction'. And precisely what reaction was it you hoped to provoke, Mr. Brewer...?

In February, Cllr Collin Brewer was reported as telling a charity worker that 'Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down'.

Councillor Collin Brewer's remarks were described as 'depraved' but he is refusing to quit
Cllr Collin Brewer
Adamant that he would not resign, the independent councillor did so -

A Cornwall councillor at the centre of a row over comments he made about disabled children has resigned.

Collin Brewer yesterday apologised for saying disabled children should be "put down" because they cost the authority too much money - but had refused to resign.

Mr Brewer, an independent Cornwall councillor, said his remarks at an event at County Hall in Truro were designed to "provoke a debate".

Mr Brewer told the BBC it was unlikely he would run as a candidate in the May elections. "I was wrong, I admit it," he said.

"I will continue to apologise," he said.

Despite his remarks, despite his undertaking not to stand as a candidate at the recent elections, Collin Brewer did so - 

- This is Cornwall

And was re-elected -

- BBC News Cornwall

Brewer has now taken it upon himself to make further comments -

- this is Cornwall

… And this from DNS 

When asked if he sometimes found it difficult to see some of the large personal budgets given to individual disabled people, he said: “I don’t sit on any health committees, but it is a concern. It is not only a concern of mine.”
Brewer insisted that he was a Christian, and believed that “all life is precious”. But he then told DNS that a retired doctor had walked up to him two weeks ago and told him that he was “perfectly right” to have said what he said in 2011.
Brewer added: “Presumably it would depend on the degree of the disablement. I knew him. I was an acquaintance in the past. He is a medical man. He knows his business, presumably.”
When DNS asked whether that meant there was some truth in what the doctor was saying, he said: “If that is what he said, there must be.”
He also spoke about a farmer in his ward who had approached him about his comments, and made it clear that he “didn’t see a lot wrong with what I said, because it is something they do every day”.
Brewer said:  “If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang!”
He added: “He’s certainly got a point. We are just animals. He’s obviously got a point… You can’t have lambs running around with five legs and two heads.”
When DNS asked if he believed there was not much difference between putting down a lamb and a child with two heads, he said: “I think the cost has got to be evaluated. It is not something I would like to do but there is only so much in the bucket.
“If you are talking about giving services to the community or services to the individual, the balance has got to be struck.”
- dns

At times of economic austerity the cost of keeping the disabled has to be weighed in the balance...

The disabled man on the left costs the State 5.50 Reich Marks a day to keep. Just think: the man on the right keeps his whole family on the same amount!

Now, there's something to think about, Mr. Brewer. By the way, you didn't tell us the good doctor's name...

The Murder of the unfit…


On July 14, 1933, the German government instituted the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases.” This law called for the sterilization of all persons who suffered from diseases considered hereditary, including mental illness, learning disabilities, physical deformity, epilepsy, blindness, deafness, and severe alcoholism. With the law’s passage the Third Reich also stepped up its propaganda against the disabled, regularly labeling them “life unworthy of life” or “useless eaters” and highlighting their burden upon society.
The term “euthanasia” (literally, “good death”) usually refers to the inducement of a painless death for a chronically or terminally ill individual. In Nazi usage, however, “euthanasia” referred to the systematic killing of the institutionalized mentally and physically disabled. The secret operation was code-named T4, in reference to the street address (Tiergartenstrasse 4) of the program's coordinating office in Berlin.
This is Nazi eugenics.

This is This is Cornwall -

Following this morning's protest a statement was issued by The Parent Carer Council for Cornwall, Disability Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Cornwall People First, National Autistic Society West Cornwall Branch and Cornwall Downs Syndrome Support Group.

"His re-election sends entirely the wrong message to the people of Cornwall at a time when disabled people are experiencing increasing intolerance and abuse in their communities.

"We have no option but to accept the democratic process however flawed it may seem in this case, but we ask again that Cllr Brewer re-consider his position and find alternative ways to make a contribution to his community. Let’s not forget, if the complaints process itself was fit for purpose in the first place, and a more appropriate sanction applied, Collin Brewer would probably never have had the chance to stand for re-election.

"It is clear we need to work together harder than ever to create a culture of zero tolerance to ignorance and hatred in all its forms, so everyone in Cornwall is able to fulfil their potential and to live full and active lives as equal and respected members in their communities."

The ideas continue to be floated. They become part of the general landscape of ideas. They are there and there they sit. This is one step further into the abyss that is opening up before us all.

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  1. I remember a time when it would have been unthinkable to have a discussion like this. Something really dark and sinister is moving relentlessly forward.