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Liverpool Care Pathway - And Where Is Margherita...?

It is easy to pretend to yourself that something can't happen because it couldn't happen...

But to look the other away because it won't happen is a reprehensible act of moral betrayal.

Caring people used to become doctors and nurses because they cared. "Better training" will not teach people who do not care to care.

Arrogant and self-righteous people confident and secure in their own self-righteous belief, not at all tempered by humility, have no respect for others, will never learn to respect others and do not even consider that any opinion other than their own may count.

This is Julie Bailey in The Telegraph -  H
The Sunday Telegraph understands that the report on Stafford hospital, where up to 1,200 people died needlessly in appalling conditions, will call for an overhaul of regulation to ensure poor managers are weeded out, and better training for nurses and healthcare assistants. 
The chairman, Robert Francis QC, is set to deliver a damning verdict on the whole of the health service. 
He will warn of a “culture of fear” from Whitehall down to the wards, in which pressure is heaped on staff to put management demands before patients.Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said the events at Stafford, and a series of failings at other hospitals, represented “the most shocking betrayal of NHS founding values in its history”. 
Sir David Nicholson, the chief executive of the NHS since September 2006, faces a warning that his approach to the hospital scandal was naive and even dangerous. 
Sir David, who ran the health authority responsible for supervising Stafford from August 2005 to April 2006, told the inquiry that the fact the hospital was the only one to have been shown to have failed so profoundly suggested its failings were “singular” rather than a result of “systematic” failure by the NHS. 
But Tom Kark QC, the counsel to the inquiry, said: “This seems to us to be a very dangerous attitude to take. The assumption is that any other hospital providing such poor care would have been uncovered by the systems in place. That, frankly, is a naive assumption, and one which places reliance on a regulatory system which has been demonstrated to have failed in a significant way.” 
His comments open the way for severe criticism of Sir David, who reports directly to Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary. Mr Hunt will have to decide if the criticism makes Sir David’s position untenable. 
A former member of the Communist Party, Sir David was recruited to run the health service when Labour was in power, but was recently appointed to run the NHS Commissioning Board, the key body under the reformed health service which comes into being from April.
CPGB members, invariably control freaks, themselves willing participants in the line-of-control mechanism, top to bottom (as anyone active in the trade union movement in the 60's will tell you) were invariably blinkered to the truth staring them in the face - or were a Party to it! That is their mindset.

What has changed? What does change?

This is just one hospital, over a period covering both Labour and Coalition oversight, that is not so very different from any other hospital.

The Guardian
 The Guardian reported this in January 2000 -
Britain's accident and emergency wards are so overstretched that seriously ill elderly patients are being left on trolleys for more than two days, and patients waiting to be seen are left lying on the floor, according to a shocking new survey.
The full scale of the chaos in casualty departments will be revealed in a report this week by the Association of Community Health Councils, based on spot checks on most A&E departments in the country. 
One recent check found a 71-year-old woman with angina who was left on a trolley at East Surrey Hospital, near Gatwick, for 49 hours. Government guidelines say no one should be left on a trolley for more than four hours.
The Guardian report went on -
In King George Hospital in Redbridge, Essex, a 60-year-old man with 'unstable angina' was left on a trolley for 30 hours, and Royal Surrey County Hospital left a 92- year-old man with a head injury on a trolley for 34 hours. At Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, a 47-year-old woman who collapsed was left on a trolley for 27 hours, and at Mayday Hospital in Croydon a two-year-old boy stayed in the A&E department for 21 hours.
At Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, a 71-year-old stroke victim was left on a trolley for six hours and a 22 -year-old meningitis victim was left for almost three hours.
One hospital was so short of space, it transferred patients to a boardroom, according to Malcolm Alexander, who co-ordinates the Casualty Watch for the South-East of England.
'Imagine if you are 80 years old, frail and with thin skin - you'll develop bed sores in that time. People can come out of the department worse than they go in.'
Clearly, not so very different.

Mail On-line reported this in April 2011 -
Mother-of-two Kathy Ollis-Brown, 47, was rushed to East Surrey Hospital in Redhill on Sunday after suffering an epileptic fit.
She was still waiting on the trolley at 3.30pm on the following day before she was finally moved into a ward.
Her furious husband Bob Brown said: 'East Surrey Hospital is a disgrace to the NHS.
'There were people in beds either side of her that had been there at least as long as her. There were another 12 people sitting on trolleys.'
A spokesman for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust said they had failed to provide their normal standard of care in this case.  
Mail On-line 
'In this case'...? This is eleven years later.
'This is not the level of service we expect our patients to receive.'
He added that changes to the way they provide their service to patients arriving in the accident department would be introduced.
The 'level of service' hasn't changed in eleven years.

Not to worry. Here comes the heavy mob, sleeves rolled up and ready for action, at Frimley Park just a few miles away!

A year on, have those changes been introduced?

Mail On-line reported this in April last year -

Frightened and alone, 95-year-old Doris Miller lay on her hospital trolley as hour after hour went by, wondering why no one had come to see her.

Mail On-line
The old lady was exhausted and in pain after falling in the shower and hurting her leg. But following the drama of the ambulance dash to A&E, she had been wheeled into an ante-room . . . and parked there, like a piece of left luggage, for 28 hours.

No, those changes had not been introduced. And they will even lie to you...!
She was taken to East Surrey Hospital at 10am on April 11 last year after the fall at her home in nearby Horley. Her son Michael, who was working in another part of the county, called the hospital  as soon as he heard and was first told she was ‘resting’ in A&E.
Hours later, when he checked again, he was told she had been transferred to a care home. ‘I asked which home she was in, but they wouldn’t tell me because of “data protection”,’ he says.
Mr Miller persisted, and an hour later the hospital rang him to say that she had actually been transferred to a ward within the hospital.
‘I rang the ward, but they said they had never heard of her,’ he says. ‘The next morning, I was told she was on another ward, so I checked with that ward, and again they said that they had never  heard of her.’
Finally, the hospital admitted they were having trouble locating Doris. ‘It was now 2pm the following day,’ remembers Michael. ‘I rang the chief executive and said that if she were not promptly found I would report her to the police as a missing person.’
Ten minutes later the hospital telephoned to say she had been found in an ante-room at the A&E department, still on her trolley after 28 hours.
A crisis programme of life limitation has been rolled out and implemented. There is no other way to describe it than that. There is an economic black hole to fill and what better way of doing that than with the corpses and cadavers of those deemed old and useless and only making the black hole even bigger?

This is BBC Look East -

Involuntary euthanasia in the NHS , Britain , United Kingdom Elderly left to die

Margherita CaminitaMargherita Caminita· 56 videos

This is Lord Carlisle –

“If a consultant deliberately reduces the level of treatment knowing that a death will result it is at the very least potentially manslaughter. It could even be murder in law. I have no doubt that there have been some very clear cases that would not have been prosecuted for lack of inquiry. I think that there is a tendency for those authorities that own hospitals to try and avoid trouble and they will prefer to deal with complaints of this sort by talking to the families and persuading them that nothing untoward has happened."

What could be more clear and unequivocal than that? So, why has no action been taken?

The report mentions the ineffective and ineffectual Healthcare Commission. The Commission was shut down and replaced by the corrupt Care Quality Commission!

The Liverpool Care Pathway has, for the past few years, been used to manage patients 'diagnosed' as dying but not necessarily 'dying'. The LCP has not only been misused; it has been misapplied. The former is misadventure or manslaughter. The latter is murder.

The Review concerned itself with misuse and not with misapplication. Well, of course, it would! And the LCP was found to have been misused.

However, if the LCP was not put into practice properly then, at the very least, that is malpractice. Still no action.

What is wrong? Why is no action being taken against these scum?

Ombudsman.submission to the Review
Everyone is treading carefully.

In their submission to the Review, the PHSO (Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman) service conveniently omitted to review the complaint data prior to the mark 12 LCP era.

"Since 2010/11, we have received 483 complaints..."

Nice one! What about the pre-2010, pre-Version 12 era? How many criminal prosecutions would have resulted from that?

Countless thousands of people wrongly-diagnosed as 'dying' prematurely consigned to the hereafter...

This is murder, plain and simple.

This is Mrs. Kathleen Vine's granddaughter:

"I was being left to die. If it hadn't been for my family I would be dead now. I would just have been another statistic on the books."        - Mrs. Kathleen Vine
"When she was on morphine she was confused and not making sense - which was totally out of character. But they took her confusion as a sign of dementia.

"We were brought up to think that doctors and nurses know more than us about medical matters. So, our initial reaction was to believe the medical staff and we were almost made to feel silly for questioning them," said Helen.

"On the day after she'd gone onto the Liverpool Care Pathway, we were visited by an end of life nurse. And he was ever so nice - I mean, the nursing staff were all lovely..." -The Report

A lovely "end of life nurse" trained in grooming counselling. Fortunately for Mrs. Vine, the drugs had taken insufficient effect. She woke. That saved her life. That "lovely end of life nurse" would have persisted with his charm until he had succeeded in grooming his subjects into planning the funeral.

PJ online
Benzodiazepines such as Midazolam are widely used in palliative care. 

Midazolam induces an hypnotic, trance-like obedience. Medical professionals use it for convenience, and particularly with patients who are "outpoken about their wishes".

May consent that is requested or granted, if you've been slipped this little Mickey Finn, be said to be in any way valid? Perhaps that's why they didn't even bother to ask...

Sedatives - benzodiazepines such as Midazolam - have been used in conjunction with opiates like a 'chemical cosh'. At Hadamar, that 'chemical cosh' was used to kill people.

This crisis programme of life limitation, this programme of involuntary euthanasia - what we may now classify as the Communitarian Complete Lives system - may be traced back to the Barton Care Pathway at Gosport and to these mysterious and odd events that have proceeded at Bedford that really are an outrage -
The Mirror
In March 1998, Francesco’s mother was admitted to Gilford Nash Ward in the South Wing Site of Bedford General Hospital. Margherita’s leg was put in plaster because, they said, she had a twisted ankle. A dutiful son, Francesco visited his mother regularly, twice a day.

After a month, Margherita’s leg presented abnormally swollen and she was given pain killers. Francesco requested a doctor’s appointment. Instead, when he returned that evening, he was told that his mother had been moved to Milton Ward for the purpose of assessment. Milton Ward was in the basement of the hospital.

Francesco found his mother seated in a wheel chair by the entrance to the ward. They had not told her why she had been moved and, accordingly, she asked her son. He was unable to offer her any explanation because none had been given.

Next day, he found his mother in an inconsolable state, shouting in Italian that she wanted to go home. He found his mother at the bottom of a corridor in a large room, alone in the dark, seated in a reclining armchair with her feet raised above her head. Margherita was struggling to get up.

Francesco called out for assistance and, soon after, a nurse identified only as Malcolm arrived. Malcolm did not think it his duty to determine the lady’s distress and dismissed Francesco’s questions with the crass response that he did not speak Turkish. The nurse/carer obviously didn’t care a hoot. But Malcolm went to speak with the consultant, a psychiatrist.

Restrictions on Margherita then followed in place to deprive Margherita even of her customary siesta which Francesco had to negotiate for her to continue.

Francesco’s visits were interrupted by a bout of ill health and he was unable to attend a meeting with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, Shanti Karunakaren, seized upon this opportunity to section Margherita.

Francesco worked hard to appeal this at a tribunal.

This curious case becomes curiouser and curiouser and we learn that Margherita was dosed with a benzo – Diazepam – and “was not nor is now insane”!

Francesco witnessed awful things going on in Milton Ward. He can vividly recall people – like Mr. Austin Bastow and Mr. Ron Brown – being reduced to a skeletal state.

So, what is going on? Francesco calls it the Bedfordshire Holocaust Scheme.

So, where is Margherita now? Francesco  says his mother is being kept prisoner by Bedfordshire County Council.

Margherita is an Italian citizen. The Italian Vice-Consulate in Bedford cannot, will not help.

When authority is challenged, who do the authorities listen to and heed…? Exactly. When Kane Gorny cried out, pleaded, for water and dialled 999, who did the police believe when they arrived?

A legal case brought by Francesco against the Trust…

A local newspaper, Bedfordshire on Sunday, tipped off about a £90 million deal by Beds County Council to outsource their care homes to Care First, itself being taken over by BUPA…

A Bedfordshire on Sunday reporter and photographer smuggled in to report on Margherita’s plight…

All the elements are here for a magnificent fictional plotline…

But this is all fact. This is all fact.

This has gone to the European Court for Human Rights. This has gone to the CGIE (Italian Council for Italians Abroad)…

Mr. Franco Narducci, Secretary- General of the CGIE, was instrumental in discovering further deceptions on the part of Beds County Council.

But where is Margherita now…?

What was witnessed in that ward, reducing the level of treatment to one of sedation and insufficient or absent nutrition and hydration, as Lord Carlisle has stated, clearly and unequivocally, is manslaughter or murder. Dr. Phillip Howard described it as a "terrible death". This is a prototype pathway. This is contemporary with the Barton Care Pathway. This is the Liverpool care Pathway.

But where is Margherita now…?

Please visit Margherita and discover for yourself.

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